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Technical services


Scientific and artistic consultancy:

      Scientific and artistic consultancy in scientific-academic, artistic and technical works: preparation of candidates for the master's and doctorate (Exact, Human and Biological), scientific and methodological review of theses, dissertations and articles, supervision and co-supervision of research and writing of articles.


Academic consultancy:

     This consultancy was meticulously developed through a data collection that outlines the profile of a successful candidate in selective competitions and also the main mistakes of candidates that prevent them from being successful. The course includes, step by step, all the necessary precepts to prepare the candidate for the selective contest for the Master's and Doctoral programs in public and private universities. Do not leave to the last minute! Last spots for 2022!



       The lecture “Inspiring leadership and teamwork” is aimed at the business community and everyone who plays or wants to play leadership positions. In this lecture, Maestro Allan Christian gives an account of his long experience in directing orchestras, schools, studios and creative teams, and makes notes on issues related to the search for excellence and the enhancement of productivity. These aspects will be addressed through analyzes and reflections on the themes of strategic thinking, operational structuring, respectful authority, inspiring and motivating leadership, increased productivity and identification and prevention of work aberrations.



         Artistic direction, recording and rehearsal direction, TV/Radio programs.

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