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Somewhere, sometime...

Somewhere, Sometime 2...

With Maestro Sir Frank Shipway ( in memoriam ), after his course in orchestral conducting, 2011.

With the Italian-Brazilian guitarist Dr. Giacomo Bartoloni and the American soprano Dr. Martha Herr ( in memoriam ), after the premiere of my composition "Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas", in which they acted as soloists under my regency, 2012.

With Maestro Kirk Trevor, during his orchestral conducting course in São Paulo, 2012.

Dr. Lia Vera Tomás, Dr. Silvio Ferraz Mello Filho, Dr. Graziela Bortz, Dr. Allan Christian Domingues Souza, Dr. Achille Guido Picchi and Dr. Celso Antônio Mojola, after the  my doctoral defense, IA-UNESP, 2019.

With composers Dr. Celso Mojola and Edino Krieger, 2011

Students of Maestro Sir Frank Shipway's Orchestral Conducting Course, 2011.

With Finnish guitarist Jani Savolainen (Moukka, Refrain, Project Silence) in Kuopio, Finland, 2006

In front of the Arktikum Museo in Rovaniemi, Finland, researching phonograms of traditional music of the Nordic people, 2006

In Paris, with French filmmaker Mélanie Schoeny, 2005. 

After a concert at Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, 2005.

In Kuopio, Finland, after the Christmas concert, 2005.

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