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Embark on this journey of creativity, excellence and passion for music!

Come study music with Maestro Allan Christian, PhD!

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"There is no greater motivation than knowing what you are doing; knowing where you are starting from, the result you want and how to get there. Understanding these facts is the first step towards autonomy. And my main commitment as a teacher is to guide, encourage and motivate my students to obtain a high level of technical and artistic autonomy, so that they can carry out their artistic projects with fluency, confidence and purpose; thus expanding their own artistic and personal horizons. This is what I believe to do , thinking and teaching music mean.


Maestro Allan Christian

Our vision


The courses are taught in two modalities:


Individual:Personalized course, focused on the student’s objective. (Online or in person)

Class (up to 5 students): Modular classes. beginner/intermediate/advanced (Online)

With certificate

Guitar Guitar


The Guitar, Guitar or Double Bass courses focus on the student's technical and musical development and on obtaining musical autonomy. The course provides students with contact with the techniques and performance models of the most diverse musical genres. The course aims to develop the student's rational and intuitive abilities to apply techniques and languages in the context of performance, providing the student with the necessary tools to obtain autonomy, resourcefulness and fluency in these aspects. These courses are developed based on the profile and focus on the student's objectives and needs, in order to enhance the absorption and mental processing of information and, consequently, learning.

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Why study with Maestro Allan Christian, PhD? What are the differences?
                 PhD professor with the highest qualifications; Personalized courses, focused on the student's objectives, developed based on the student's cognitive profile, enhancing learning and the speed of absorption and processing of information; 25 years of professional teaching and artistic experience as a composer, conductor, instrumentalist and artistic director, in the most diverse musical genres;

Benefits of studying music:
Musical practice and the study of music stimulate the development of logical, simultaneous reasoning and decision-making in real time; motor coordination; from memory; reading and text comprehension skills; time-spatial perception; provides an improvement in the ability to focus and concentrate; in listening, reading, text comprehension skills and work and academic performance; in addition to the fact that music reduces the chances of the emergence of various diseases, including cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases, among countless other benefits.

Who am I

Maestro Allan Christian, PhD (SOUZA, Allan Christian Domingues) is a composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and researcher. He is the founder and director of Aurora Sonoris, and was the founder and guitarist of the Finno-Brazilian progressive metal band “Cradle of Tales”. His compositions have been performed in Brazil, Denmark, USA, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Argentina and France.

Holds the titles of Doctor in Music (2019) and Master in Music (2014) from IA-UNESP; and Specialist in Musical Composition (2009) and Bachelor of Music with double qualification: in composition and conducting (2007), both from FMCG.

He is currently a Collaborating Professor, Researcher and post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Music at the University of São Paulo CPq/CMU-ECA-USP. He worked as a multidisciplinary music professor at UNIESP and CMBP, among several other institutions. Since 2015, he has been principal conductor and artistic director of the Aurora Sonoris Choir and Orchestra; was associate conductor of the São Paulo Academic Orchestra and the São Paulo City Choir; and principal conductor and artistic director of the UNIESP Choir, CMBP Choir, Madrigal Era Sanctorum and Madrigal In Excelsis. He was also a guest conductor in several orchestras and choirs in Brazil and Europe.


Nando Arjo, 2022

Music teacher and guitarist.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Luiz Cardoso Pereira, 2021

Teacher, researcher, harpsichordist and organist of the band “Violeta de Outono”; Post-doctorate in Music from Boston University; Post-doctorate in Music from ECA-USP; PhD in Musicology from IA-UNESP; PhD in Organic Chemistry from USP

"Without music life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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